Taubman Scholars oversee new medical research grants

Two University of Michigan physician-scients and Taubman Scholars will oversee millions of dollars in new biomedical science research grants, U-M has announced.

The U-M Comprehensive Cancer Center, directed by Taubman Scholar Dr. Max Wicha, has been awarded a grant worth more than $28 million over the next five years by the National Cancer Institute.  The funding -- awarded on the basis of a 1,937-page grant renewal application -- will support ongoing research in 13 basic, clinical and prevention/control programs, including in cancer stem cells, experimental therapeutics and cancer genetics, the university said.  

NCI reviewers, who also conducted a two-day site visit before approving the grant, noted particular U-M strengths in breast cancer, prostate cancer and cancer stem cell biology -- all areas of Taubman Scholar expertise.

And Dr. Charles Burant, a Taubman Scholar and head of the Michigan Matabolomics and Obesity center, will be the principal investigator of a $9.1 million rsearch grant from the National Institutes of Health.  The grant will support the creation of the Michigan REgional Comprehensive Metabolomics Core, which will help researchers examine small molecules called metabolites to detect changes in cell behavior and organ function, the university said.

It is hoped that by studying individual patients' metabolic profile, personalized detection, prevention and treatment can be developed for a variety of diseases, including cancer, cardiovascular disease and diabetes.


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