Scholar Progress Reports

Taubman Scholars are required to submit an annual report on the progress of the research funded by their Taubman Institute grant. These progress reports are due on the anniversary of the effective date of the grant. For most Taubman Scholars and Senior Scholars, that would be July 1; however, for some Emerging Scholars and Taubman Scholars, the effective date of the grant could be different. We encourage Scholars to check their letter of appointment to confirm the effective date.

As the letter of appointment states, the annual report should set forth the research plan, progress on the plan, any findings to date, any publications based on this research, any issues, and any other relevant material. As the NIH suggests, the report should be written in language understandable to a biomedical scientist who may not be a specialist in the project's research field. Abbreviations and language that may not be known to the broader scientific community should be avoided unless clearly defined.

These progress reports will be submitted to the Taubman Institute’s Scientific Advisory Board for review, as well as distributed to the organization’s Governing Council. They will be also used to facilitate the Taubman Institute’s communications, community outreach and public engagement efforts.

To simplify the task and to ensure consistency, the Taubman Institute asks that Scholars use Progress Report form below for all submissions.

Download Progress Report Form (PDF)

Download Progress Report Form (DOC)


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