A Message from the Director

Eva-Feldman-DirectorThree Years of Progress

Here at the Taubman Institute, we are building on the momentum of three productive and exciting years.

We currently are funding four Senior Taubman Scholars and eight Taubman Scholars, who with our and your support are doing groundbreaking research that will have profound effects on the understanding and treatment of a range of diseases.

We also are working to create the collaborative environment that is one of the cornerstones of the Institute, where the exchange of ideas and creative interaction across disciplines are vigorously promoted. 

This fall, for example, we kicked off our Visiting Professor lecture series with a presentation by Dr. Gary Landreth, a noted Alzheimer’s disease researcher from Case Western Reserve University.  The lectures are open to the campus and about 60 students, scientists and physicians gathered to hear Dr. Landreth – who, by the way, earned one of the first three doctorates granted by U-M’s Neuroscience program.

We also hold brown-bag lunches -- where members of all the Taubman labs get together to discuss their research – and the scholars regularly gather for “chalk talks” to share, discuss and debate their findings.

And we are poised to host our fourth annual Taubman Institute Symposium on October 14 in Ann Arbor, with presentations by new Taubman scholars and a keynote address by Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder.

Throughout the coming months, I invite your continued interest in the work of the Taubman Institute. To keep up with our research and news from the laboratories, please bookmark our website at www.taubmaninsitute.org.

This is a very exciting era in the search for treatments of some of the most devastating illnesses that strike individuals and families.  With the commitment of our scientists and the sustained support of people like Alfred Taubman, we are moving forward in our quest to challenge head-on some of today’s most deadly diseases.


Eva Feldman, M.D., Ph.D., FAAN
Director, Taubman Medical Research Institute
Professor of Neurology, University of Michigan Medical School


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