Founded in 2008 by philanthropist A. Alfred Taubman, the institute aims to empower medical scientists to expand the boundaries of discovery, to develop new therapies for disease and to alleviate human suffering.


Taubman Institute funds early-detection COVID study that uses wearable devices

Early in the wake of the pandemic as new epidemiological data were emerging, a major concern shared by healthcare workers (HCWs) was the potential to transmit virus without any warning signs. A critical unaddressed issue is whether early detection, especially of infection before obvious symptoms, can prevent “pre-symptomatic transmission” and stop further spread.   Sung…

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Institute supports first U-M based COVID study

A team of University of Michigan physician-researchers have launched a clinical trial of a drug they believe may address the deadly blood clots that form in some patients with COVID-19. The trial is the first COVID-related investigation to be initiated by Michigan Medicine scientists. The trial is based on the results of a blood inflammation…

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TIIP investigator will study immune response in COVID patients

A Michigan Medicine physician-investigator and recipient of a Taubman Institute Innovation Projects (TIIP) grant will use samples from COVID-19 patients to study how the virus affects a patient’s immune profile. Daniel Goldstein, MD,  last year began a TIIP study that will scrutinize the immune system of organ transplant patients in an effort to refine the…

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