Founded in 2008 by philanthropist A. Alfred Taubman, the institute is dedicated to fundamental discovery, and to advancing our knowledge of the causes, treatment, and prevention of diseases and conditions that affect mankind.


Taubman Scholar pioneers stem cell treatment for dry AMD

Taubman Emerging Scholar Rajesh Rao, MD, is leading a new clinical trial of a stem cell treatment for patients with dry age-related macular degeneration (AMD). Eighteen patients in the trial will receive as many as 250,000 specially engineered cells derived from adult retinal pigment epithelial (RPE) cells. The experimental cells are injected under the macula,…

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New findings about the immune systems of patients with lupus

Research supported in part by the Taubman Institute has developed new findings about the immune systems of patients with the autoimmune disorder lupus erythematosus. Investigators including Taubman Emerging Scholars Michele Kahenberg, MD, PhD, and Johann Gudjonnson, MD, PhD, note in a recently published paper that the normal-appearing skin of lupus patients contains the same inflammatory…

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Tracking COVID through wearables

Taubman Institute Innovation Project finds new use for heart rate data By Morgan Sherburne Michigan News If you become ill with COVID-19, your smartwatch can track the progression of your symptoms, and could even show how sick you become. That’s according to a University of Michigan study that examined the effects of COVID-19 with six…

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Emerging Scholar Elected Vice Chair of SACUA

Kanakadurga (Durga) Singer, MD has been elected to a one-year term as vice chair of the university’s Senate Advisory Committee on University Affairs (SACUA). SACUA advises and consults with the president, provost and other executive officers of the university on issues that affect faculty interests. Dr. Singer is the Valerie Castle Opipari, MD Professor of…

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