Founded in 2008 by philanthropist A. Alfred Taubman, the institute aims to empower medical scientists to expand the boundaries of discovery, to develop new therapies for disease and to alleviate human suffering.


Taubman Scholar reviews possible blood test to detect Alzheimer’s

Earlier, less intrusive and less costly tests for Alzheimer’s disease would allow doctors to try intervention therapies earlier in the disorder’s development, in hopes of slowing or curbing progression of the disease. Taubman Scholar Henry Paulson, MD, PhD, was interviewed recently about some new blood tests making the news among dementia researchers. Read what he…

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Project Review Webinar: Transplantation Immunology

Join Michigan Medicine’s Daniel Goldstein, MD and renowned human transplantation immunology researchers October 12 at 9 am-Noon for an update on their Taubman Institute Innovation Project (TIIP) that aims to refine the use of immune-suppression drugs in solid organ transplant patients. Dr. Goldstein heads a team of three Michigan Medicine primary investigators in this TIIP,…

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Precision Medicine for Ocular Diseases

Studying and deciphering vision-related diseases is complicated by the delicate structure of the eye itself. While biopsies and samples from many other bodily systems are relatively easily obtained by physicians, collecting the vitreous fluid from within the eye is a more challenging task and often fails. The lack of a standardized process to collect and…

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