The A. Alfred Taubman Medical Research Institute at the University of Michigan is dedicated to supporting physician-researchers in their quest for new treatments and cures.

Candidates are thought leaders in their fields, and applications are vetted by a Scientific Review Committee comprised of eminent academic medical experts nationwide.

Grantees are known as Taubman Scholars and are required to provide annual scientific progress reports as well as participate in the community of scholars via regular chalk talks, symposia, mentoring program, outreach events and scientific collaboration.

Taubman Scholars

Taubman Scholars are full professors on the University of Michigan medical school faculty, who also operate their own basic research laboratories.  Many also hold leadership positions at the U-M Medical School and health system, and in professional societies related to their field.   As a group they are highly productive, authoring hundreds of highly-cited papers in peer-reviewed journals each year, initiating dozens of human clinical trials of new therapies and often involved in biomedical start-ups or patenting new discoveries.

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Taubman Emerging Scholars

Taubman Emerging Scholar grants provide $200,000 over five years and are intended to keep early-career clinician-scientists engaged in the research arena while they develop credentials for NIH and foundation funding. Candidates must hold an MD degree, be engaged in both clinical and research work, and have completed their training no more than seven years previously.

Monies for Emerging Scholar grants do not come from the institute’s general fund but are provided on a one-to-one basis by philanthropists who wish to support a particular area of inquiry. Candidates are vetted by an internal committee and presented to prospective donors by a University of Michigan fundraising officer.

The grants are awarded to faculty at the assistant professor and clinical lecturer levels, on an as-available basis. In addition to financial funding, Emerging Scholars enjoy mentoring, scientific collaboration and career development advice from Taubman Scholars.

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