RNA Center for Biomedicine

Increasingly, medical scientists seek to decipher the genome and find new pathways toward personalized, precision treatment of cancer and other diseases.

Many Taubman Scholars are in the vanguard of this quest. And to further support this new frontier of research, the Taubman Institute in 2015 assisted with the formation of the University of Michigan’s Center for RNA Biomedicine.
This a cross-disciplinary center designed to leverage and promote the strengths of the broader U-M RNA community. The center draws together more than 200 researchers from across the RNA spectrum, from translational research to single cell and single molecule biophysics, and across RNA mediated diseases such as cancer, neurodegeneration and viral infection.

It produces an annual symposium, sponsored by the Taubman Institute, and hosts weekly seminars that stimulate collaboration and the exchange of information among members of the U-M scientific community.

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