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Taubman-sponsored research offers breast tumor insights

Taubman Emerging Scholar Dr. Scott Tomlins has authored a new study about phyllodes tumors. 

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U-M statement on the passing of A. Alfred Taubman

We have lost a dear friend and educational partner, one of the genuine leaders and best.

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Dr. Eva Feldman on the legacy of Alfred Taubman

 Esteemed philanthropist's greatest strength was his gift for challenging conventional paradigms. 

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Taubman Emerging Scholar makes strides against cancer

Erika Newman, M.D., has identified a characteristic of deadly childhood neuroblastoma that may pave the way for more effective treatments.

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Taubman Science

Drug cuts risk of bone-marrow transplant side effect

Taubman Emerging Scholar Sung Won Choi, M.D., is the lead author of a new study that finds a new way to help prevent graft-vs-host disease in cancer patients receiving bone-marrow transplants. 


Taubman Science

Study: Two types of cancer stem cells lead to metastasis

Breast cancer stem cells exist in two different states and each state plays a role in how cancer spreads, according to a new study published by Taubman Senior Scholar Dr. Max Wicha.